<aside> 👋 I'm Neil, an Entrepreneur and Change Agent.


What can I do for you?

My Story

What I do...

Building Better Businesses on Purpose

I advise impactful businesses

I coach purpose led founders

I run Remoat, we build and acquire remote working tools

I own and run sheet2site.com

Developing change as a super-skill

[I co-host the LifeDoneDifferent.ly podcast](https://www.notion.so/I-co-host-the-LifeDoneDifferent-ly-podcast-51f770326a0b477aa104bce744f363b1)

I gave a TED talk about developing change as a super-skill

I'm a co-founder of the behavior change platform, Do Something Different


I co-founded StoryStream, a leading content marketing platform used by global brands

I co-founded and sold Bite Studio, an award winning creative digital agency

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